The Story Behind the Name

The story behind 16 ways from Sunday is actually kind of a funny story. I was two hours into a consulting session with an advisor and in the midst of explaining to him a few different ideas and options for him to consider as a part of launching a new marketing initiative, I made the statement "you can do this 16 ways from Sunday, it's really your choice."

He looked at me and said "what did you just say?"

I said "you can do this 16 ways from Sunday." He quipped back jokingly and said "that's not how the expression goes."

I turned to him and asked "well what is the correct expression?"

Obviously we needed to find out who was right, and there's only one place to go do that... "the Google." As it turns out, the expression has dozens of iterations. The most common answer was that the correct number was six. However, it's very clear that the expression is used with numbers anywhere from six to 1,000 and everything in between.

But the kicker is that they all meant the exact same thing. It's all about exploring something from every angle and recognizing that there are plenty of ways to accomplish certain goals.

What does this mean for financial advisors? The purpose behind this blog, my podcasts, and everything I do on a daily basis is simple: to explore, test, research, and to look at financial advisor marketing from every angle. There are so many paths you can explore to grow your practice, and it is incumbent upon you to find the paths that make the most sense for your situation. The goal of 16 Ways from Sunday is simple: to share with you my direct (and indirect) experiences with financial advisor marketing to help you discern which of the 16 ways from Sunday that might make the most sense for the growth of your practice.

All the Best,
Mark Mersman