Ep. 02 – Mike Lover: On the Importance of Process and Elevating the Client Experience

Episode Summary

In this episode of 16 Ways from Sunday, Mark Mersman interviews Mike Lover, Vice President of TCA by E*Trade. Mike talks about the importance of process; specifically, he discusses his background in process refinement and some of the challenges his company (Trust Company of America) face before, during, and after being acquired by industry juggernaut E*Trade. He also discusses one major change he thinks may take place in the financial services industry (and what advisors can do to position their practice for the change).

Show Notes & References

Contact Information:

Email: mlovert@trustamerica.com



Mike Lover is an executive at TCA by E*TRADE.   Mike  joined TCA by E*TRADE in 2012 with more than 15 years of experience in the growth and leadership of a diverse set of technology, service and hospitality companies. His expertise is in unlocking revenue through strategy development, execution, and change management.  His unique set of skills helps both clients and team members simplify processes and create ease for all parties.

Prior to joining TCA by E*TRADE, Mike was of the head of Software Implementations for Baxter Healthcare Corporation in a highly FDA-regulated environment. There, he led cutting-edge pharmacy technology implementation initiatives across large hospital networks and played a significant role in the continued development of new processes across the company. Mike has significant experience in determining root cause analysis, working across functional teams, designing new processes that meet both the goals of the customer and the business and implementing lasting, measurable change in an organization.

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo and a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma from Accenture.