Episode 07 - Tucker Max: On Authorship, Credibility, Marketing, Authenticity, and Hilarity

Episode Summary

Tucker Max has gone from Bestselling author and king of the single-life to father, husband, and CEO of highly successful start-up Scribe Media. This episode of 16 Ways from Sunday details that transition and highlights how financial advisors should think differently about credibility and positioning. The Scribe Media process is discussed in detail as Tucker shares his story about how a personal challenge suddenly landed him with a new-found career and company.

Show Notes & References

Contact Information:

Website: http://www.scribemedia.com



Tucker Max is the co-founder of Scribe Media, a company that's created a new way to turn ideas into books.

He has written four New York Times Best Sellers, which have sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide. He's credited with being the originator of the literary genre, “fratire,” and is only the third writer (after Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis) to ever have three books on the New York Times Nonfiction Best Seller List at one time. He was nominated to the Time Magazine 100 Most Influential List in 2009.

He received his BA from the University of Chicago in 1998, and his JD from Duke Law School in 2001. He currently lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and children.

Materials Referenced During Podcast:


The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Doomed by Chuck Palahniuk

The Neon Bible by John Kennedy Toole

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Best Marketers:

Roy H. Williams

Dean Graziosi


Hustle and Flow

Technology Referenced:





Podcast Highlights:

How Tucker Max turned his emails to buddies into his first NY Times Bestseller

The ultimate public shift in identity - from party guy to professional, and what financial advisors can learn from it

How Tucker Max met his wife: a true lesson in marketing

The story of Book in a Box (now Scribe Media)

Why you don't want a ghost written book - and what Scribe Media truly does for its clients.

Why financial advisors and other professionals don't write books

What financial advisors need to know about book writing (how to determine what goes into it).

Creating the right culture within the workplace

How advisors should think about promoting their book

How Tucker Max chose his financial advisor (and what you can learn about it)

The critical technology Tucker uses to make himself and his team more efficient









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